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Royal Hotels website

Royal Hotel is the most popular name for a 'pub' in Australia!
Each Royal Hotel has its distinct features and that is probably what makes them so popular!

What is this website?
A way to bring the patrons and guests of all the 'Royal Hotels' closer together. Click on the "Royal Hotel List" link (top left hand corner) and you will be taken to a webpage with a list of Royal Hotels in Australia. The list can be sorted alphabetically by Town Name, State, Postcode - just click on the label at the top of the column. 'Click' on one of the 'Towns' to be taken to a webpage with details about the Royal Hotel in that Town!

If you know the name of the town that has the Royal Hotel you are looking for - you can use the search box on the menu - just to the left hand side under the main menu or enter: into the 'address' bar of your web browser - for example: - will take you to the Oberon Royal Hotel starting page.
Please use lower case letters for the Town name and no spaces between words For example: Crystal Brook would be:

If you enjoy your local 'Royal Hotel' and you would like to see more of Australia, you can use this website to locate other 'Royals' to visit! Go to the Royal Hotel List web page


There is a 'blog' (link opens in a new tab / window) so you can post your 'review' of each Royal Hotel you visit or see what other people have to say about Royal Hotels.

Number of Royal Hotels by State:
Western Australia: 2
South Australia: 4
New South Wales: 99
Victoria: 27
Queensland: 29
Tasmania: 1